SocialMix is a trusted anonymous social network protocol for anonymizing user identities during interaction in a social network.

The key features of the SocialMix model include communication privacy through k-anonymization and intelligent mix node selection methods to reduce the risk of the adversary's attempt to break the privacy.



SocialMix shuffles the messages through message aggregation so that the relationship between the content of a message and the poster’s identity can be anonymized and perturbed. SocialMix aims at ensuring high degree of user privacy while keeping communicating ver a trusted over anonymous social network.

SocialMix network - an example

  • Suppose we have a network with 10 nodes.
  • A,B,I,J send messages to D,H.
  • <tA,A,MA> denotes that node A sends message MA at time tA.
  • D,H work as event-driven Mix nodes, also called pre-mix nodes.
  • Node E works as intermediate mix node, also called post-mix node.



  • Chao Li, Balaji Palanisamy and James Joshi, "SocialMix: Supporting Privacy-aware Trusted Social Networking Services", Proc. of 23rd IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS 2016), San Francisco, USA.[PDF]


This work was performed under a partial support by the National Science Foundation under the grant DGE-1438809.